Music has been a part of the life of many people and so we can look back at the years and we can know some of the famous people in each of their influence. Many people have invested much of their life in music. They have produced songs and perform them also in person. Musicians have the passion to be able to produce songs for their fans though we know that they also have the help of others to have a song that would be a hit.

Here are some of the list of the bands that have been known in the field of psych-folk songs. Let us start with Syd Barret who has psychedelic folk, blues-rock,  and space rock in his list of music genre. Mazzy Starr is indie, shoegazing, and psychedelic folk. Comus is progressive rock and psychedelic folk. Skip Spence is in rock music, psychedelic folk,  and outsider music. Pearls Before Swine is folk rock, psychedelic folk, and psychedelic rock. It is a mixture of a band and individual artists.

Tony, Caro and John are in psychedelic folk, folk rock and electric folk music. Mariee Sioux is in folk music and psychedelic folk. The Association is in sunshine pop, psychedelic folk,  and folk-rock. In Gowan Ring is in psychedelic folk, folk music, and traditional music. The Grass Roots is in psychedelic folk, rock music, and pop music. There are many more of the bands and individuals who are in the genre of psych music but we cannot enumerate them all here on this particular page.